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If you are injured while performing the duties of your job, you have a right to access workers’ compensation benefits. The system protects both workers and employers and is a trade-off. In exchange for losing the right to sue your employer, you gain the right to access workers’ compensation benefits.

While this system sounds fair, in real life, it can be extremely difficult to navigate the system. If you were injured at work, you should get the help of a qualified workers’ compensation attorney from the CR Legal Team.

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Understanding Workers’ Comp Cases

Construction work is one of the most dangerous occupations, and it is not uncommon for workers to suffer serious or life-threatening injuries while performing job duties.

The most common types of workplace injuries include:

  • Transportation accidents
  • Struck-by accidents
  • Slip or trip and fall accidents
  • Exposure to toxic substances
  • Falls from heights
  • Fires and explosions
  • Trench collapse
  • Electrical accidents

Let The CR Legal Team Help You

The types of injuries sustained by employees can include the following and more:

  • Head injuries
  • Neck injuries
  • Back injuries
  • Traumatic brain injuries
  • Crush injuries
  • Severe burns

Filing a Claim & Obtaining Benefits

You have a right to expect workers’ compensation benefits, but the process can be exceptionally difficult. An employer can challenge the circumstances, claiming the injuries were not work-related, occurred off work hours, or were a pre-existing medical condition. That’s when an attorney from the CR Legal Team can step in, take control of the situation, and Stand Up for You.

Workers’ Compensation Claims in Greenville

A valid workers’ compensation claim may be denied, not paid in a timely manner, or paid at a lower rate than the law dictates. Our legal team is committed to assisting injured workers to seek justice and the compensation they deserve. If you are facing a denied claim after being injured at work, we urge you to connect with us for help.

Why Choose the CR Legal Team?

At CR Legal Team, we are honored to be recognized for our service to the community, and for the personalized care and attention that we offer our clients. If you believe you have a workers’ compensation claim, we’re here and ready to listen.

We’re all traveling the same road—let’s move forward together. Contact the CR Legal Team today to get in touch with our Greenville workers’ compensation attorneys.

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