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Pharmacists always have an important responsibility to provide accurate prescriptions for patients. Failing to fill a prescription exactly to a doctor’s orders can trigger a serious health condition and place liability on the pharmacist.

If you were provided an inaccurate prescription and it caused you to suffer a new illness or the worsening of preexisting illness, you should think about filing a drug injury claim to pursue fair compensation. CR Legal Team and our lawyers would like to help you. In addition to being known for our extensive experience with complex injury claims, we are also renowned for our genuine compassion. We really do care about your future well-being and to prove it We will Stand Up For You and your right to compensation!

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How a Pharmacist Can Cause Dangerous Errors

Throughout the day, a pharmacist will be tasked with reading and filling numerous prescriptions of a wide variety. There are certainly many things to juggle at any given time, but this is not an excuse for making a pharmacy or prescription error.

Mistakes a pharmacist can make that lead to a patient’s injury include:

  • Incorrect medication - Mixing up one medication for another can be catastrophic. Even substances of similar chemical composition and medical purpose can cause much different reactions when used.

  • Incorrect dosage - Giving a patient the wrong dosage of the right medicine can lead to numerous health problems, most notably the exacerbation of preexisting symptoms.

  • Incorrect patient - Giving one patient the prescription of another patient is altogether another error a pharmacist can accidentally make.

Taking the wrong medicine or using the wrong dosage of the right medicine can trigger side effects that range from mild to life-threatening or fatal. Each situation is different from the next, so it can be difficult to predict the consequences of a prescription error.

You Deserve Compensation After a Pharmacy Error

The best way to make certain pharmacy and prescription errors are not made again is to bring injury claims against offenders and to hold them financially accountable for the damage done. CR Legal Team is proud to play a key role in eliminating future pharmacy errors by providing honest representation for people in need.

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