holiday diversity

Diversity Spotlight – Holidays Are For All!

Executive Team Holiday Photo

There’s no better time to Care Like Family than during the winter holiday season. At CR Legal Team, we have a diverse group of clients, partners, and team members. It is important that each of us remembers that our neighbor across the hall may not celebrate the same holiday as us.

There are three major winter holidays: Hanukkah from December 18th to 26th, Christmas on December 25th, and Kwanzaa from December 26th to January 1st. These holidays among others each have unique customs and traditions. We can show appreciation for our differences by listening to learn more about the holidays others may celebrate. It’s important that we recognize that our fellow friends feel the same excitement and anticipation that we each have for our traditions. When we appreciate and respect each other, we are demonstrating our most precious Core Values. Happy Holidays, everyone!

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