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Safe Driving During the Holiday Season

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The Holiday Season is upon us, with people hustling and bustling about shopping for presents and gathering for fellowship. This time of year also marks the beginning of freezing weather and more dangerous driving conditions. Many factors contribute to winter-weather vehicle crashes, and sometimes driving conditions go from inconvenient to dangerous very quickly. Driving early in the morning can often be the most dangerous time for snow and ice accidents. Sometimes there isn’t even a weather event, but the dew and fog from a previous night or water that spills over the road from a wet, banked shoulder can freeze on the road surface in a shady area.

As you leave your home, checking the temperature on an app, a weather channel, or your car temperature gauge can give you a heads-up that freezing conditions might exist. If your windshield needs to be scraped to drive, be aware that road conditions will likely be slick. And perhaps most importantly, reduce your overall speed to make sure you arrive safely at your destination. If you do get in an accident involving slippery roads or ice, consider getting away from your vehicle if it can be done safely, as cars coming the same direction may encounter the same ice and crash into the same pile-up. Keep safe out there, and we wish you happiness and joy during this Holiday Season!

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