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Protecting Workers’ Rights in North Carolina

When you’re injured in the workplace — be it at a desk or in a back storeroom — you will likely be entitled to receive workers’ compensation benefits. Covering short- and long-term disabilities, immediate medical costs, lost wages, and other losses, a workers’ compensation settlement should allow you to focus on recovering from your injuries before returning to work.

Of course, it can often be difficult to file a claim and secure a settlement by yourself. If you need assistance with navigating a complex workers’ comp claim in Raleigh, look no further than CR Legal Team for aid. With decades of combined legal experience and three board-certified workers’ compensation specialists on staff, we are in a unique position to help you get the full benefits you need — and we’re committed to standing up for our clients.

Ensuring Your Employer Follows Through

Although it’s mandatory for most employers to carry workers’ compensation insurance, the unfortunate reality is that not every employer will willingly support your claim. Whether because of unfair stigmas about workers who ask for their benefits or a fear of increased insurance premiums, some employers fail to do what’s right and fail to back up their employees.

If you’re facing obstructions from your employer or their insurance company, you’re not alone. Denials are common in the North Carolina Workers’ Compensation System, but our legal team knows how to take your claim all the way through to appeal if necessary.

We Truly Care About Our Clients

More than just skilled attorneys, our entire team is passionate about helping injured workers get back on their feet after an accident. We know how painful and difficult it can be to worry about your future and about how you will provide for your loved ones. To help ease your burden, we’ll stand up on your behalf and perform all the necessary requirements to file a workers’ comp claim.

We can handle cases that involve any of the following:

  • Injuries that take place on the premises at your job, no matter if you were “on the clock” or not;
  • Injuries that happen while you are out travelling for a business trip or work-related purpose; or
  • Injuries that directly result from your specific job duties or a workplace incident.

Expert negotiators and communicators, we’ll work with your employer, the insurance company, and any involved parties to request your rightful benefits. We also lend a listening ear and see you as a vital part of our family. Available 24/7, night and day, our team will work tirelessly on your behalf.

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