CR Commitment. CR Results. CR New Commercials!

It’s been a busy and exciting summer at CR Legal Team. We’ve spent time exploring new ways to help our clients and communities by learning from and collaborating with attorneys and firms across the country. We have also had the pleasure of filming new commercials to showcase the power of our Team and the positive impact that a great group of people can have on the world. These new spots were filmed in various locations around where our story started: the Triad area of North Carolina. Since our founding over 30 years ago, we have been able to expand our impact to South Carolina, Georgia, Alabama, and beyond as our Team has grown. All of the people you will see in these commercials are members of CR Legal Team or have been actual clients that we were able to help along the way. You won’t see any actors in these commercials, because we are not an act. You will see what members of CR Legal Team do every day to live up to our core values: Care Like Family, Listen to Learn, and Do What’s Right.

Thank you to all of the members of CR Legal Team for making this project a success. Also, thank you to the many talented local artists, video production professionals, and creative minds from all over North Carolina and beyond that worked on this project. None of this is possible without the concerted effort and focus of a group of people that are all working towards one common goal. That is what CR Legal Team is about, and we will always work towards the common goal of fighting for the justice our clients deserve.

These new commercials premiered last month in North Carolina, and we look forward to showcasing the power of our Team in more communities starting this winter. Stay tuned on @CRLegalTeam social media and for additional information about our mission and our work in the community. We’ll see you on TV!

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