The Little Red Jumpsuit Tour

"The purpose of the Little Red Jumpsuit Tour and its Foundation is to celebrate, encourage and empower women, businesses and communities through education, inspiration and scholarship. Our goal is to inspire you to move forward to a happier and healthier future and then give you a way to do it."

- Kimberly Sanders Roberts

Educating and Empowering Women of All Ages

The Little Red Jumpsuit Tour is presented by KSR Productions in association with CR Legal Team, McWhorter Concepts, and Pam Cook Communications. The purpose of the Tour is to celebrate, educate, inspire, and empower women of all ages to live healthier, happier, longer, and more fulfilling lives by focusing on LIFE, RESULTS, JOY, and TOMORROW. The Little Red Jumpsuit Tour offers educational opportunities for women and for the men who love them as well as scholarship opportunities for women who are ready to "write the next chapter of their lives." Contact us at for more information or to schedule a tour. You may also find The Little Red Jumpsuit Tour on Facebook.

The Little Red Jumpsuit Tour is owned and produced by KSR Productions, LLC©.

Our Mission

"The purpose of The Little Red Jumpsuit Tour and the mission of my organization is to celebrate, encourage, and lift-up women on their individual journeys to wellness. The Tour provides opportunities for open and honest discussion regarding the challenges and joys we all face as women as we move forward in our lives. Good health and wellness are not about making large sweeping changes that are unsustainable. Instead, we should focus on making small changes in our daily routines that result in a big difference in our overall health and happiness. We need to refocus our lives to make sure we are part of the equation. There is so much more to living a healthy life than what we see on the outside, as true wellness and happiness are reflections of our inner self."

- Kimberly Roberts

We stand up for the community and for each other.

Meet Kimberly

Kimberly Roberts is the President and CEO of KSR Productions. She is the Executive Vice President and is the creator of the CR Legal Team Employee Wellness Program as well as The Roberts Center for Leadership, Education, Advancement and Development. She is also the Chief Marketing Officer for CR Legal Team. As a performer and motivational speaker, Kimberly has spent the past 30 years working with schools and other youth organizations, churches, prison ministries, and rehabilitation centers to help guide others on the path to a happier, healthier, and more fulfilling life. Kimberly has been married to Chris Roberts for more than 25 years and they have two sons, Matthew and Eli.

To learn more about Kimberly, please visit her profile!

The Little Red Jumpsuit Tour Scholarship

Lifelong Learning and Growing

The mission of The Little Red Jumpsuit Tour and its Foundation is “to celebrate, encourage and empower women, businesses and communities through education, inspiration and scholarship.” The Little Red Jumpsuit Tour is one of the programs offered through The Roberts Center at CR Legal Team, a Center dedicated to offering lifelong learning opportunities to children and adults of all ages. KSR Productions, LLC, Little Red Jumpsuit and The Little Red Jumpsuit Tour remain committed to the importance of lifelong learning and growing. Four $2000 scholarships are available for girls over the age of 16 years old and for women of all ages who are interested in continuing their education at any level.

Find Your Joy©

As part of our commitment to support and empower the women of our communities, the Little Red Jumpsuit Tour Scholarship is available to girls and women over the age of 16 who are interested in continuing their education at any level as a part of an accredited program at a community college or university.

Past Scholarship Recipients

Abigail Coats headshot

Abigail Coats – Florida State University

Abigail shares, “I am inspired by my mother, a powerful woman who encourages me to do my best, and my family and friends for always supporting me. In my future, I hope to connect our world in a sustainable way through the economy with my major in marketing.Thank you to CR Legal Team for recognizing me, it is amazing to see a firm putting so much effort into uplifting women, and I am so excited to be a part of this family.”

Sydney Mills headshot

Sydney Mills – East Carolina University

Sydney writes, “My mom is my true inspiration! She pushes me to think outside the box and help those that may need encouragement or support. I am thankful for my family and mentors for always being my cheerleaders. I plan to major in Business with an emphasis in Entrepreneurship with some day owning a performing arts, marketing, or beauty business. Thank you, CR Legal Team, for supporting my pursuit of higher education.”

Thuy Nguyen headshot

Thuy Nguyen – North Carolina State University

Thuy writes, “Being a part of the CR Legal Team Family is truly a dream come true and an important step in my academic journey, for which I am incredibly thankful. Motivated by incredible people I've encountered throughout my lifetime, each person gave me a significant lesson that shaped me to who I am today. Their inspiration and motivation have pushed me to step outside my comfort zone, for which I am forever grateful. In my college path, I’m really excited to gain more knowledge and step to a new chapter in my life. Moreover, I am even more appreciative of CR Legal Team for the support in my college path.”

Valerie White headshot

Valerie White – University at North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Valerie shares, “It is such an honor to be a part of the CR Legal Team family! I am so thankful to be given this opportunity to further my education and to also inspire women in my community. I am so excited to be a part of this amazing family and I can’t wait to see what my future holds.”

Gwendolyn Bode headshot

Gwendolyn Bode – Appalachian State University

Gwendolyn writes, “What an incredible feeling it is to be a part of the CR Legal Team family through this opportunity! Who I am and who I hope to become is the culmination of all of the strong, independent individuals who have greatly influenced me over the course of my life. These influences have not only helped to mold me into the person I am today but have also shown me how to thrive under pressure. After all, pressure turns rocks into diamonds. I am excited to start on my path to major in criminal justice and to shine bright for others in need in my community.”

​​​​​​ Kadiatou Diawara headshot

Kadiatou Diawara – North Carolina State University

What inspires Kadiatou the most are the peers, community leaders, and youth around her who encourage her advocacy for injustices faced in their community. The ongoing support she has received from her family and friends is what has pushed her further on this journey toward becoming a Social Media Marketer. Kadiatou aspires to continue using her advocacy to better the treatment of underrepresented groups on all social media platforms.

Sierra Rice headshot

Mia McMurry – Meredith College

Mia is very excited to become a student athlete at Meredith College this year. There she plans to play soccer and to major in psychology or social work. Mia emphasizes, “I am inspired by the LGBTQ+ community and by people of color. I hope one day to be a leader and advocate for people as Abby Wambach, Grace Lee Boggs, and Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. have been. Thanks to the CR Legal Team for the support as I pursue my college dreams.”

Katie O’Neal headshot

Katie O’Neal – UNC Chapel Hill

Katie writes, “Throughout my life, I have been surrounded by powerful women who inspire and encourage me to fight for the things I believe in. Volunteering and healthcare equality is something I am passionate about. One day, I hope to work in healthcare law and policy. I am excited about my journey and everything that will come!”

Sierra Rice headshot

Sierra Rice – University of North Carolina at Wilmington

Sierra writes, “The constant support and encouragement of my family have made me into the individual that I am today. I am inspired by conservation efforts and conservationists like the Irwin family. I hope to one day become a conservation biologist and bring back the numerous natural beauties of our planet that have been lost.”

Camille Pettway headshot

Camille Pettway – North Carolina A&T University

Camille writes, “I am inspired by those who give back to their communities to make the lives of others better. I am also inspired by my parents who stress education, religion and the importance of being a servant leader. I would like a career where I am doing something to help someone be healthier and happy with their lives and I believe Chemistry will lead to the rewarding career that I desire.”

Lauren Rhodes headshot

Lauren Rhodes – University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Lauren writes, “I am excited to join the CR Legal Team family! What inspires me the most are the many empowering women in my life who have shown me what it means to be authentic, even when it means going against the statis quo. I hope to make them proud.”

Isabella Kessler headshot

Isabella Kessler – Columbia International University

Isabella writes, “I am a Georgia peach studying communications at Columbia International University in South Carolina! I am passionate about finding creative ways to foster a sense of worth and belonging to those around me. After college I hope to work in event planning or donor development for a nonprofit.”

Hannah McCain headshot

Hannah McCain – North Carolina State University

After her mother's cancer diagnosis, Hannah stepped up to shoulder her portion of the family's burden and more. She taught herself to cook and prepare meals, tutored her younger brother during the pandemic, and served as a "parent" while her dad worked long hours to cover medical expenses. She believes a person’s actions and attitudes can change the world.

Julia Bass headshot

Julia Bass – St. Andrews University

Julia is inspired by her mother, specifically her life without hearing since the age of four. Julia has been encouraged and challenged to always do her best. This was actualized when Julia became an equestrian and now passionately pursues equine medicine.

Alexandra Honeycutt headshot

Alexandra Honeycutt – University of North Carolina at Charlotte

Alexandra is inspired by her mom to never give up and always push towards her dreams and goals. She says, “That is why I will never quit until I reach my dreams of becoming a veterinarian and opening my own clinic."

Madysen Rufener headshot

Madysen Rufener – Duke University

Madysen celebrates her mother; a woman that grew up homeless, discovered a passion for writing, became a first-generation college graduate, and a published author. Madysen will major in English and pursue a career in film and novel writing. Advocating for inclusivity in media, her goals include contributing to the ever-growing body of diverse and inclusive fiction.

2020 Recipients:

  • Keona Banks
  • Nadia Vega-Juarez
  • Makenah Wilson
  • Mackenzie Lesher-Thomas

2019 Recipients:

  • Hollie Hancock
  • Benecia Jackson
  • April Heaney
  • Julie Wade

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