Texting & Driving

Texting & Driving Facts You Should Know

As everyday technology use has increased, so has its use behind the wheel, like using a smartphone while driving. Texting and driving is extremely dangerous and can lead to catastrophic, often fatal, injuries. Protect yourself and others on the road by avoiding texting and driving. If you or a loved one has been injured as a result of a car accident caused by texting and driving, please contact the experienced attorneys at CR Legal Team . Let us stand up for you.

10 fast facts you should know about texting and driving are:

  1. Looking at a smartphone to read a text takes about 5 seconds, which means you are driving “blind” for that long. If you are driving at highway speeds, then you’ll travel more than 400 feet without looking where you’re headed.
  2. As one of the worst forms of driver distraction, texting behind the wheel can make a driver nearly 25 times more likely to cause a car accident than someone who is paying full attention to the road.
  3. When a teenager texts and drives, they tend to spend about 6 seconds of every minute out of their lane, either completely or partially.
  4. Based on information from AT&T, more than 40% of teenage drivers admit to regularly texting and driving. This percentage is probably low because people are likely to lie on anonymous surveys when admitting something they know is illegal or unsafe.
  5. The same percentage of teenagers reported that they have been in a vehicle while the driver was texting. It is not clear how many of those teens did anything to correct the situation, like insisting that the driver pull over until they are ready to pay full attention to the road.
  6. Young women were the most likely demographic to admit to texting while driving.
  7. More than 75% of teens reported that they see their parents use their smartphones behind the wheel whenever they are driving, which influences them to also text and drive.
  8. 90% of teenagers expect a text message reply before 5 minutes pass from sending it, which might explain why they are more likely to look at their smartphones when driving.
  9. By some estimations, around 20% of all drivers use their smartphones behind the wheel to browse the internet, not just text.
  10. Texting and driving is 100% preventable. All that needs to happen to stop all texting and driving accidents is for everyone to just not pick up a smartphone behind the wheel.