Chronic Dry Eye from LASIK surgery

LASIK Surgery Repercussions & Consequences

If you have had LASIK surgery and now suffer from Chronic Dry Eye, you need to make certain it is not actually a more serious condition called Corneal Neuralgia. While most LASIK surgeries turn out fine, studies do show that up to 40% of patients will suffer the side effect of Chronic Dry Eye, which for most patients is only a temporary condition. Recent reports show that for some patients, however, the dry eyes and sharp pains they experience could lead to a diagnosis of Corneal Neuralgia.

Diagnosing Corneal Neuralgia

Dr. Pedram Hamrah and his team at Tufts Medical Center in Boston treat patients from all over the world. They use a high-powered in vivo confocal microscope to capture high resolution images of patients’ corneas to accurately diagnose their respective conditions. Often, the images show that the nerve endings of LASIK patients appear to be amputated, or resemble “a tangled ball of yarn,” according to Dr. Hamrah. These abnormal nerve endings become hypersensitive, resulting in pain, dryness, and sensitivity to light.

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If you have had LASIK surgery and now suffer from Chronic Dry Eye, you may want to make certain that you are not actually suffering from Corneal Neuralgia. Don’t let the potential costs of diagnosis and medical care prevent you from taking steps to protect your eyes. Learn more about your options and how CR Legal Team may be able to assist you with your legal journey by calling (866) 691-0607 for a FREE consultation.