It Can Wait

Every day, CR Legal Team Stands Up! for people in our communities who are dealing with the after effects of horrific auto accidents. Seeing tragedy unfold has made us strong proponents of prevention and has led to efforts which champion safety and education.

Each year, nearly 70,000 people are injured in traffic accidents on the roads of North Carolina (Highway Safety Research Center at UNC). In January, a PEW Research Center survey found that 90% of Americans now own or regularly use a cellphone, and 58% of Americans have a smartphone. The same PEW study found that 17% of cellphone owners do most of their internet browsing on their phone, with 25% of teens doing the majority of the browsing on a mobile device.

Mobile company AT&T made a firm stance with their “It Can Wait” campaign, showing the disastrous effects that texting and driving can have. It is wonderful to see large companies who also choose safety, promote discussion, and raise awareness of the tragedy which can occur when people drive while distracted. Now AT&T is back with the next video in their “It Can Wait” campaign, focusing on the rise of mobile technology.

No text, post, tweet, or other mobile action is worth the horrific impact a serious accident can have on not only you and your loved ones, but, as this video so poignantly addresses, on the multitude of other people involved

Take a moment and watch AT&T’s new video

“Close to Home | It Can Wait”…