Most Dangerous Highways

The website recently compiled a study to determine the most dangerous highways, according to highway safety reports and various statistics. The state of North Carolina ranked 28thamong the safest highways, close to the mid-point. South Carolina was recognized as having the most dangerous highway systems. View the entire study here

The website used data and statistics from highway safety reports and thereby ranked each state in six categories, such as percent of drivers not wearing seatbelts, highway traffic fatalities, and proportions of bridges marked as obsolete or faulty. Each state was ranked from 1 to 50 (50 being the worse), and all six rankings were added for a cumulative score. South Carolina had the highest point value at 241 points, while Florida, Alabama, Louisiana and Mississippi rounded out the worst five state highway systems. Iowa, Minnesota and Indiana had the safest highways, respectively, according to the report.

According to Tom Crosby, the VP of Communications for AAA, South Carolina is consistently in the top three states for the most traffic deaths per mile driven, while drunk driving fatalities usually rank in the top five. There is also no ban on cell phone use while driving in South Carolina, as distracted driving continues to be a major issue for roadway safety.

Source: "Most Dangerous Highways in the United States"

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