CR Legal Team Offers Halloween Safety Tips

Keep these tips in mind to keep you and your family safe during the Halloween season!

Stay away from keeping lit candles, jack-o-lanterns and flammable objects near doors, walkways, curtains and areas where they can be easily stepped on. Never leave burning objects unattended.

Always walk, don’t run. Streets and lawns can be decorated, and kids may not be able to see obstacles or objects when running in the dark.

Falls, traps, and blocked vision can be avoided by wearing well-fitting masks, costumes and shoes. Refrain from baggy, sharp and pointed objects or materials.

Examine treats for choking hazards, sharpness, or tampering before eating them or giving them to children.

To help others see you in the dark, use reflective tape or vests on costumes or bags, or carry a flashlight to help drivers and other people see you.

You should always trick-or-treat with an adult or in a group, never go alone.

Visit the CDC for more Halloween and safety tips and information here.

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