Winter Safe Driving Tips

Though the weather has been mild in the Carolinas so far, there’s no telling if and when it could get worse. MSN Auto offers some important safe driving tips for all drivers to know in dangerous weather conditions.

  1. Be prepared and keep an eye on the road ahead. If you can anticipate situations rather than react to them, it is easier to keep control. Drive slowly and increase your distance between vehicles.
  2. Don’t be reliant on technology, such as all-wheel drive and traction/stability control. No vehicle is invincible and you can’t control the other vehicles on the road.
  3. Follow the rule of 1-2-3, especially when making sudden movements or turns; brake slowly to an appropriate speed, release the brakes and steer through the turn, and lastly, accelerate only after completing the turn.
  4. Check your tires and update as needed. Driving with worn all-season tires can comprise traction. Winter tires, on the other hand, can offer up to 33% more traction.
  5. Consider winter wiper blades, with a rubber cover over the steel bow to prevent them from freezing or getting clogged with ice.
  6. Clean your headlights with the windshield squeegee when you stop for gas to eliminate dried salt residue.
  7. Have your car battery tested as the cold weather can often bring wear-and-tear and diminish start-up performance.
  8. Brush all the snow off your car before driving. Snow left on the hood can not only obscure vision, but can blow onto and fog up the windshield, cling to the wipers, blow off and distract other drivers, or cover your back window and rear lights.
  9. If your windows are fogging, always turn on the air conditioner and defroster to carry moisture out of the cabin. You don’t want damp air recirculating, so make sure the ventilation system is set to the “fresh air” setting.
  10. Always have the basic winter driving tools in your car, including a scraper and brush, small shovel, jumper cables, flashlight, and tow strap.
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