New CR Legal Team SafetyZone program

CR Legal Team Community Involvement Specialist Jason Knight is introducing a new SafetyZone program designed to raise awareness among student athletes and their parents of the wide variety of sports-related safety issues. Presentations can be made to school and community sports teams, and at student/parent spring and fall sports information sessions.

Sessions are designed to help students, coaches and parents recognize and handle sports injuries that go beyond breaks, sprains and bruises. Some of the topics include: recognizing and treating head, eye and dental injuries; dealing with extreme heat and cold in outdoor sports, and their associated health concerns such as heat stroke, hypothermia, and dehydration; preventing lighting strikes during spring outdoor practices; and health concerns from sports-related communicable diseases such as staphylococcus aureus (MRSA, impetigo) infections in various contact sports.

Classes can be arranged for any size group and are conducted by Knight, a former secondary school teacher and coach with experience in sports health. To discuss the initiative in more detail, contact Jason Knight at 336-473-7648.

At CR Legal Team , we see firsthand the devastation that accidents and injuries can have on individuals and families, and that’s why we’ve created the CR Legal Team SafetyZone – to promote safety and the development of safe habits for children, teens and adults.

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