4th Of July Safety Tips

With Independence Day right around the corner, we want to remind families and kids about some critical safety precautions to keep in mind before, during and after fireworks displays. To avoid common injuries, it is recommend that you leave the fireworks and lighting to the professionals and attend public fireworks displays. Did you know…

* In 2010, an estimated 8,600 people were sent to emergency rooms for fireworks-related injuries

* Sparklers can burn at about 1,200 degrees F, and can cause serious burn injuries

* Sparklers account for nearly 33% of injuries to young children under the age of five

Keep In Mind These 10 Essential Fireworks Safety Tips:

  • Closely supervise children at all times.
  • Don’t give children sparklers or allow them to pick up fireworks after an event, as they could still be hot and charged.
  • Soak all fireworks in a bucket of water before throwing them in the trash can.
  • If you do light your own fireworks, always be aware of surroundings and steer clear of others in case they backfire. Never light fireworks near dry grass.
  • Light one firework at a time, and avoid glass and metal containers. Never relight a dud.
  • Always keep a supply of water and/or a fire extinguisher nearby.
  • Do not wear loose clothing while using fireworks.
  • Keep pets indoors during fireworks, as most become frightened or stressed.
  • Don’t apply ointments or butter to burns as they seal in the heat.
  • Don’t use ice to cool burns, as doing so will cause further tissue damage. If you encounter a burn, remove clothing from the burned area, run cool (not cold) water over the burn, and call a doctor immediately.
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