Watch For Me, NC

The Triangle region has launched a new pedestrian safety campaign to be aware of, called the “Watch for Me NC” campaign. The campaign directs safety messages toward drivers and pedestrians, and contains educational messages to better inform about pedestrian safety laws in the Triangle region. Annually, more than 350 pedestrians are injured or killed in collisions with vehicles in the Triangle area.

Many local governments, universities and agency partners have teamed up to promote this educational initiative. The NC Department of transportation, the UNC Highway Safety Research Center, and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration are also providing support for the campaign.

The promotion runs through the end of October, and targets the specific regions of Raleigh, Durham, Chapel Hill, and Carrboro. Ultimately, the campaign has plans to become a statewide effort. The campaign will focus on pedestrian and driver-focused safety messages that will appear on many different media mediums, including buses, radio stations, gas pumps, university campuses and other locations throughout the Triangle. Along with the campaign efforts, area police will be emphasizing pedestrian laws, and enforcing that motorists are yielding to marked crosswalks.

Visit Watch for Me for more information.

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