CR Legal Team Teams with Asheboro Parks and Recreation for Sports Safety Clinics

ASHEBORO, N.C., August 29, 2012– CR Legal Team is partnering with Asheboro Parks and Recreation to provide ongoing sports safety education clinics to youth athletes, parents and coaches throughout the fall season. The classes are designed to help keep youth participants safe by offering information on a variety of topics ranging from dealing with concussions to preventing heat-relation injuries.

The first sports safety clinic will take place on Thurs., August 30 at the Asheboro Cultural and Recreation Center, where 120 children are expected to attend, with clinics starting at both 6 and 7 p.m. Parents are also invited.

Last summer, North Carolina governor Bev Purdue passed the Gfeller-Waller Concussion Awareness Act, mandating that all student-athletes, coaches, parents, school nurses, athletic directors, and volunteers receive an annual concussion and head injury information sheet to review and sign. The law covers all middle schools and high school interscholastic sports, and was enacted as a way to help recognize the signs, and short- and long-term effects of concussions and other head injuries. The safety clinics will be an ideal method for educating the community about the importance of recognizing symptoms and knowing how to treat them.

The CR Legal Team safety clinics will be presented by Jason Knight, Community Involvement Specialist, and will cover topics ranging from the importance of hydration and recognizing and treating head and eye injuries, to dealing with heat-related injuries and extreme weather safety in outdoor sports. These interactive half-hour presentations are tailored to provide helpful information on preventing illnesses and injuries that go beyond discussion of the typical sprains, cuts, and bruises associated with youth sports. Students who attend will receive a Sports Safety Certificate of Completion.

CR Legal Team Sports Safety Clinics are an essential part of the firm’s SafetyZone Initiative. The CR Legal Team SafetyZone promotes adult and youth injury prevention through bike safety events, water safety presentations, child car safety checks, and sports safety clinics.

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